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JLSS Boys 2012 Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule (J.L.S.S.) is situated in the middle of the fertile area of West Beqaa, Lebanon, in Khirbet Kanafar. It is an oasis for providing the children entrusted to its care with a safe home, excellent education, and high quality vocational training.
Mission Statement of J.L.S.S.
Johann Ludwig Schneller School (J.L.S.S.) is an evangelical ecumenical institution in Lebanon. It aims to provide education and a healthy home to  underprivileged children regardless of gender, race, or religion. The aim is to equip them with the necessary means to become responsible citizens in their societies by nurturing them spiritually, ethically and by caring for their physical needs, academic education and vocational training.
The total number of students for the academic year 20
17/2018 is 235 students aged between 3 and 20. At present about 93 boys and girls are growing up in the boarding department. A main feature of JLSS is its emphasis on tolerance, co-existence, and peace education.
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Schneller School Name in Arabic
Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

Education for Peace since 1860
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