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Third Trimester 2015/2016 News

Teachers and trainers continued with regular programs and activities in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of the Academic YearTeachers Day 2016 2015/2016.

The Teacher's Day program was held on Friday 4 March 2016 at 1:00 PM. Students from Grades 1 to 8 of the Academic Department participated in the program. The program included dances, dialogues, sketches, songs, poems, and a PowerPoint presentation. Thanks to the good preparation of students by their class-teachers, the program was very nice. Students expressed their gratitude to teachers through various activities on this special occasion.

A special program to celebrate both Mother's Day and Children's Day was held on 17 March 2016 at 11:00 AM. Children from KG1 to Grade 4 participated in the program. They sang, danced, performed dialogues and sketches in all three languages: Arabic, English, and German.
The program was followed with an arts and crafts exhibition which displayed the beautiful work of the children. Mrs. Souad Akroush, who was appointed sports and arts teacher at the beginning of this academic year, made a huge Children Day 2016difference with all her new ideas. She worked very hard with the children during classes, and it was very clear the children enjoyed her lessons. The exhibition was amazingly beautiful. The children were so proud of their beautiful work.
Mrs. Akroush was recognized for her hard work and wonderful results during the Salutation of the Flag on the following Monday morning. The director presented her with a small gift in gratitude for her dedicated work with the children.

The Field Day was held on Friday 13 May. It was a full-day program prepared by Mrs. Akroush assisted by Miss Dorothee Beck and other JLSS teachers and trainers. Various sports activities and competitions were conducted during the day. Exciting new games were introduced to students who were initially reluctant to try them, but minutes later, were fully absorbed in them. Mrs. Akroush, Miss Beck, trainer Abd El-Aziz, and other teachers and trainers worked tirelessly all day, moving from one activity to another, until at the end of the day, a football game was played.
A team of students from the academic department was playing against another from the vocational department. Field Day 2016The vocational students were considerably older, but it was clear from the game that the academic students were better trained and practiced. The score was 0 to 1 for the younger academic team which was very well coordinated. The vocational team pushed very hard to correct the situation, but the academic students were courageously defending their score, through the painful endurance of confronting with their tiny bodies the powerful shots of the frustrated vocational boys. Mrs. Akroush was desperately waving to the referee who was oblivious of the time. She was able to get his attention when the vocational team scored an equalizing goal. He then realized that he should have ended the game 3 minutes 58 seconds earlier. Pandemonium followed with Mrs. Akroush supporting the academic students in their claim to have won the game, and Mr. Joseph Bou Simaan supporting his vocational students who wanted the result to be a tie. The director decided that the academic team must not be penalized for the fault of the referee and declared the academic team the winner. Medals were presented to members of both teams but the cup was given to the academic team. It was an uncomfortable ending to an otherwise wonderful day.

Funfair 2016The yearly Funfair was held on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 May 2016. Mr. Bashir Monsef assisted by a team of teachers, trainers, educators, and students, worked tirelessly to make all the necessary preparations.
The staff dining-room was transformed into an exhibition hall for selling the products of our workshops. Trainers and students of the Industrial Mechanics workshop assisted by their counterparts from the Electricity workshop made beautiful metal lamp-stands in addition to other items. The exhibits of the carpentry workshop were also beautiful and well crafted.
A youth group performed a very nice play for the children of the Junior school. The aim of the play was to teach children to be kind to each other and to be peace-loving  and friendly.
The delicious Lebanese MOUNEH (food items) that are kindly donated by Mr. Monsef's mother, year after year, were also sold to generate income for the funfair. We express our sincere gratitude to Mrs. Monsef for her continued support of our funfair.
The exhibition of the Academic Department was held in Hermann Schneller Hall. Student projects and beautiful arts and crafts from all classes were on display for two days.
Mrs. Odette Haddad Makhoul, as usual, spent at least a month prior to the funfair going from one place to another collectingRev. Klaus Schmid prizes for the funfair tombola. She also organized the selling of tickets that generated a very good income for the funfair. We also thank her for organizing the tombola year after year.
Delicious CHICH TAWOUK (barbequed chicken), hamburgers, French fries, and other food items were sold for everyone to enjoy.
Parents, students, alumni, friends, and children of all ages came to JLSS to enjoy the funfair.
Mr. Monsef's team worked hard for two days to ensure the safety of students and to make sure everyone had a wonderful time.
We express our thanks to Mr. Bashir Monsef and his team for successfully organizing yet another wonderful funfair this year. We also thank the youth group for the very nice play they performed for our children. 
Our sincere gratitude also goes to all the sponsors who made contributions this year towards this very important Schneller event.

Rev. Dr. Uwe GraebeThe Kindergarten graduation was held on Tuesday 7 June 2016 at 11:00 AM in Hermann Schneller Hall. At the end of the program KG3 children received their certificates. The children, along with parents attending, were later invited for cake and refreshments.
Contrary to previous years, the program this year was not well organized. A meeting was held the following day for all KG teachers to discuss the shortcomings of the program. The necessary decisions were made to address the challenges that surfaced during the KG graduation.

EVS President Rev. Klaus Schmid visited JLSS from Tuesday 21 till Friday 24 June 2016. He earlier attended the Schneller board meeting which was held in Beirut on 21 June, along with EVS General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Uwe Graebe. Rev. Graebe also visited JLSS from Wednesday 29 to Thursday 30 June 2016.
We thank them both for their visits and for the wonderful support we receive from our German partners. EVS/EMS is the supporting body of Schneller School.

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