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Alfred Kluge Descendants Visit JLSS

Old Kluge PhotoThe descendants of Diakon Alfred Kluge who served in the Syrian Orphanage in Jerusalem from 1927 to 1932; and his wife, Karoline Kluge, who also served in the Syrian Orphanage from 1935 till 1939, visited JLSS from 1 till 3 October 2019. Their daughter, Dorothea Kluge Luchterhandt, along with her two sons, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Luchterhandt, and Prof. Dr. Manfred Luchterhandt with his wife Antje Scherner stayed in the Schneller guesthouse for three days exploring our school and reminiscing on their family ties with the Syrian Orphanage and the Schneller family.
The piano in Hermann Schneller Luchterhandts in JLSSHaus was a donation from Diakon Alfred Kluge to the founder of our school, Father Hermann Schneller. It was an extremely emotional time for Dorothea Kluge Luchterhandt to play the piano of her parents after all those years.
The Luchterhandts only knew about the piano, but when they sent its old photo to Rev. George D. Haddad, he also noticed that the cabinet in the photo is also in JLSS in Hermann Schneller Room of the guesthouse. He invited the Luchterhandts to have a look at the cabinet.
Upon inspection, it also turned our to be that of Diakon Alfred Kluge of the photo. The name "Kluge" is written on its back and the plaque of the cabinet builder from Berlin - Germany also confirmed that it was another item of Diakon Alfred Kluge.
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Luchterhandt performed a lovely short concert in St. Michael's Church on 2 October at 7:00 PM. It consisted of improvisations of the hymns our students know very well from singing them in chapel.
It was a wonderful concert that our students and educators enjoyed.
Before leaving, Mrs. Dorothea Kluge Luchterhandt presented the school with a very kind donation of Euro 500.
We express our sincere gratitude to Gerhard for the concert he performed for our students and educators.
We also thank the Luchterhandts for their visit, the information they revealed about the history of their family with the Syrian Orphanage in Jerusalem, and their love and wonderful support of our school.

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