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Alumni Christmas 2008 Greeting

Dear Schneller Graduates,
The committee of Schneller Reunion in North America would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May the New Year bring prosperity and peace not only for the Schneller Alumni, but also to our countries of origin and the whole world.
The committee would like also to draw your attention to the next Schneller reunion next year. In order to plan for successful reunion, it is imperative to receive your feedback regarding your participation. We urge you to let us know of your opinion. As some of you already know that a documentary video about the Schneller Alumni in North America is being produced. We need your cooperation by showing up at the next reunion so that you can be part of this project. Please confirm your attendance with Rafic or John.  

Rafic El-Far (416-536-6031) email: aelfar@sympatico.ca 
John Dahdaly (416-569-9900) email: johnd@cullitons.com

Schneller Reunion strives for achieving brotherly and Christian values as well as keeping the Schneller spirit alive.

 تحيـة لكـل الاخـــوان                تحيـــة ميــلاديـــــة
تحيــة قلـة وحـرمــان               تحيــة شنـللــريــــة
بالخربة بارض لبنـان                وسنيـن الدراسـيـــة
المنيوم صحن وفنجان                والبدلـة المخملـيــة
وشقفة الكوخـن كمـان                كانت اجمـل هديــة
كـل واحـد منـا قنعــان               يبرهـن للاكـثريــــة
على هالمبدأ يا اخـوان                 وبالروح الرياضيـة
كالعادة ب  حزيـران                 حبايب نتلاقى سوية
بنياغـرا فولز المـكـان              عـالميـلـة الكـنديـــة  

Alumni 8th Annual Reunion

Aziz B Shalaby 61, Tel.: 360.260.3070,
16205 SE Evergreen Hwy,
Vancouver, WA, USA.
e-mail:  ashalaby@comcast.net
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