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Pastor Deacon and SAYYED Jointly lead Sunday Service

Sunday 4 August 2019 was the day for the alumni get-together in JLSS.
This year alumni from abroad travelled to Lebanon to attend the meeting. In some cases, the affluent helped others with their travel expenses to enable them to attend.
JLSS offered alumni travelling from abroad who needed to stay overnight, rooms in the guesthouse free of charge. JLSS Alumni Sunday Service
As is the tradition, all alumni gatherings begin with a worship service in St. Michael’s Church.
Mr. Ghassan Shehadeh, president of the alumni association in Lebanon, informed the director that among the alumni attending the get-together is an Orthodox deacon, and a Shiite SAYYED (Sheikh). The director invited them to jointly lead with him the worship service.
In the wonderful spirit of Schneller tolerance and brotherhood, both accepted the invitation.
The Sunday worship service was an extraordinary interfaith service. It included readings from the Holy Bible, recitation from the Glorious Quran, Hymns, Christian and Muslim prayers, and a short meditation by each.
Deacon Ibrahim Ibrahim, SAYYED Fadi Sayyed, and Rev. George D. Haddad, presented a most wonderful picture of the unity that binds JLSS alumni, which is the result of their upbringing in Schneller School. The messages of all three were a wonderful testimony to the success of the Schneller peace educational program that brings up students together, without any distinction of religion, race, or color. Students live together in tolerance, harmony, love, and above all, respect to each other's traditions and faiths.
After the service, the attending alumni had lunch together in Hermann Schneller Hall hosted by the alumni association in Lebanon.
The general assembly of the alumni association followed during which a new executive committee was elected.
The meeting was the fruit of the outstanding efforts of the president of the alumni association in Lebanon, Mr. Ghassan Shehadeh, and his executive committee. Their dedication and wonderful support of JLSS are highly appreciated.
Their term in office was characterized by an ideal relationship with the school administration to which JLSS is most grateful.
Attending from the USA was Mr. Aziz Shalaby who presented his idea to organize alumni associations into chapters with the mother association being the one in Lebanon.
JLSS also highly appreciates the wonderful support it receives from Mr. Shalaby and the Lutheran Board for Mission Support - USA.
We express our gratitude to all the Schneller alumni who attended the meeting.
We congratulate them for their wonderful dedication to their alma mater and their kind support.
JLSS Alumni Sunday Service
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