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Back to School 2014 KG Class in JLSS

As is usually the case, Grade 9 are the first to start classes in September. They started classes on Monday 8 September 2014.  The early start is because they have official exams at the end of the academic year. They have to be well prepared for that, and an early start is always helpful.
Last year there were no official exams because of the teachers' strikes. We hope this year will be better without the continuous strikes of teachers and also hopefully with official exams.
The boarding students returned to school on Sunday 21 and the day-school started on Monday 22 September.
Although this year we decided not to have vocational students of classes DS2 and DS3 in the boarding department and the number of students in the vocational department was expected to drop slightly, we were surprised that we had the highest number of students in the vocational department for many years. We now have 102 students in the vocational department three of them are girls registered in the sewing and fashion design program.
We hope and pray that this academic year will be fruitful and peaceful.

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