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Back to School 2016/2017

The new Academic Year 2016/2017 started in JLSS for Grade 9 on September 5, and the rest of the school on September 19, 2016. JLSS, like most other private schools in Lebanon, suffered from a substantial drop in student numbers this year. The economic situation forced many parents to send their children to public schools. The fact that the Lebanese Minister of Education decided to exempt all public school students from paying registration fees, and provided them with books totally free of charge, was an additional attraction to parents.

Back to School 2016The total number of students this year is 296, 93 of them are in the boarding department.

Another decision of the Lebanese Minister of Education this year was reducing the curriculum by around 20% of its previous content. It was a well-know fact that the Lebanese curriculum was overburdening school-children with a lot of material. The new curriculum is a very positive development for children in Lebanon. It may need some additional refinement at the end of this academic year, but it certainly is a very positive decision by Minister Elias Bou Saab.

The other very exciting news for JLSS children was the new Martin Ruopp Football Field. They were all extremely eager to start playing in it, but it was not yet ready at the start of the school-year. Students were very impatient continuously asking when the football field will be ready. Martin Ruopp Football Field It was only three weeks later that it was finally open for students to play.
The excitement reached the vocational department. Students immediately demanded that their schedule include a sports hour. It was a fair request, and the school schedule was adjusted to include an hour for sports which they all now eagerly wait for.

We began another Academic year with a lot to be grateful for. JLSS is now very well equipped with very advanced facilities which we praise God, and thank all our partners for.

We look forward to a very productive school-year.


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