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BibleLands Delegation Visits JLSS

A delegation from BibleLands composed of Jeremy Moodey (CEO), Hugh Bradley (Chairman), Daniel Burton, Morag Gillies (New Overseas Coordinator), Sue McClellan (Regional Representative), and Richard Jones (Regional Representative) visited JLSS from the 18th until the 19th of November 2009. The purpose of the visit was to reassure all project partners in Lebanon of Biblelands continued support after its recent major restructuring. BibleLands Delegation at JLSS
The delegation arrived Wednesday the 18th in the evening. They were received by the director and guesthouse staff. They spent the evening with the director and his wife, and later retired into their rooms having been very tired after a long and exhausting day.
The next morning they got up early to have breakfast and be ready to attend morning chapel. The director welcomed the delegation and emphasized to the students the importance of the partnership with BibleLands that goes back to the very beginnings of our school. He also mentioned the various projects that have been recently implemented through kind grants form BibleLands, also reminding students that the Christmas and Easter gifts they receive, year after year, are also bought by grants from BibleLands. He thanked the delegation for the wonderful support our school receives from BibleLands.
The delegation later went around the school visiting the various departments and  meeting our teachers, trainers, members of staff, and students. They were able to see all the wonderful projects that have been implemented by kind grants from BibleLands.
The visit was concluded by a meeting with the director ending in prayer.
The delegation left to Anjar at 10.30 AM to visit the next project partner.
We thank the delegation for taking the time to visit our school. We especially thank BibleLands for our wonderful partnership and the special support JLSS receives that enables it to fulfill its mission to provide loving care, good education, and skilled vocational training to underprivileged children.
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