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BibleLands Grant for Tools

BibleLands kindly sent us a grant of GBP 3940 at the end of December 2006 for assisting students of our vocational school to get the tools they need. This is the second year that BibleLands is providing us with this type of assistance. It was extremely helpful this year, especially that people in our region totally depend on eitToolsher farming or tourism. The war last summer was a total disaster to both sectors. Farmers had to watch their crops rot in the fields as they were unable to pick them. Those who could pick their crops were unable to sell them. Tourism was also totally out of the question for obvious reasons. Our students' families are really struggling this year. Very few are able to pay for anything, as they are struggling to manage the cost of food not to speak of diesel in this exceptionally cold winter. So the grant was especially helpful this year. All our first-year students received the amount they needed to buy all their tools, and second-year students who needed additional tools were also provided with the total amount they needed. This included Carpentry, Electrical Works, Car Mechanics, and Industrial Mechanics students. We express our sincere gratitude to BibleLands for this exceptionally helpful grant, and we praise God for our wonderful partners who are extending a helping hand to our students in this time of dire need.
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