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BibleLands Solar Water Heating Project Implemented

Stage Two of the Boys' Homes Renovation Project was implemented by a kind grant donated by BibleLands. Six of our Families (boarding homes) housing over one hundred students have hot-running water, cost free, for nine to ten months of the year. With our wonderful Middle East sunshine, it is really ridiculous to be paying enormous diesel and electricity bills when we can have hot-running water at zero operational-cost. Thanks to BibleLands, we were able to implement this project during the Christmas 2007 holiday, and this will have huge implications on our budget. Our diesel and electricity bills will be reduced, and this is an enormous help for our school which will allow us to reduce our financial deficit indefinitely. We only still have two of our boarding homes that need a solar water-heating system installed. When we implement that project, in addition to stage three of the Boys' Homes Renovation Project (replacing the old wooden windows with double-glazed aluminum ones), we will have taken the most important step for dealing with our running deficit.  We praise God for enabling us, through BibleLands, to realize this dream; and we express our most sincere gratitude to BibleLands for providing us with a very generous grant whose value has no end or limit. This grant also enabled us to fulfill another of our objectives: caring for our environment and maintaining the integrity of the creation of our loving Lord. Many, many thanks to BibleLands and all its supporters for this wonderful never-ending grant. 
BibleLands Solar Water Heating Project
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