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BibleLands Staff and Trustees in JLSS

BibleLands Staff and Trustees in JLSSA small group of BibleLands staff and trustees who were visiting Lebanon to check on partner projects, kindly considered visiting our school as one of the priorities of their visit in recognition and celebration of the Schneller 150th Anniversary. Dr. Hugh Boulter, Tricia Pruden, Judy Hackney, Vicky Smith, and Douglas Calander arrived to JLSS on Tuesday 2 November 2010. They met with the director on Wednesday morning and then visited the various departments. They also visited the new vocational training center for girls which was initiated and supported by BibleLands. They discussed with the director various aspects of the partnership of JLSS with BibleLands, the current challenges, and future cooperation and support. They left to Beirut on Thursday 4 November.
We express our sincere gratitude to all members of the group for their very encouraging visit during a critical time when Lebanon is facing difficult and dangerous times. We also thank BibleLands for the prayer and support that enable us to continue our work with underprivileged children.
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