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Child Day Mothers' Day and Easter Celebrated in JLSS

Wednesday 19 March was the last day of school before the Easter holiday.
The boarding department had already celebrated Easter by a church service held in our St. Michael's Church Tuesday evening at 7.00 pm. The children participated in singing hymns, bible readings, and prayer. Also attending were some teachers and members of staff with their families. At the end of the service all the children were given chocolate Easter eggs bought with a kind grant from BibleLands.
The program on Wednesday was held by the elementary school and was a celebration of Easter, Child Day, and Mothers' Day.
It was preceded by a lecture for parents given by our school psychologist, Miss Sonia Chamoun, about children from conception to age nine, and the problems they may face. Miss Chamoun provided parents with excellent advice on bringing up their children and dealing with all sorts of problems. Kindergarten Egghunt
During that time children of the Kindergarten classes were enjoying an egg hunt in the KG backyard.
The program followed the lecture and our children surprised us with their wonderful performance. The singing, dancing, and plays they prepared reflected the progress in our school program, mainly the emphasis on improving the standard of foreign languages (English and German). The hard work of our teachers and children was very evident and is certainly worthy of congratulation and praise. Our children presented plays both in German and English and their expression and pronunciation was very much improved. They also performed short sketches of simple math exercises, and fun learning was demonstrated to parents in a very concrete manner.
We congratulate Miss Hiyam Naim and her team of teachers for the wonderful program and their hard work. We also thank all our students and teachers for their achievements.
Happy Child Day!
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