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Christmas Celebration 2019

Christmas Celebration 2019Schneller School celebrated Advent and Christmas 2019 in accordance with Schneller traditions.
Children assisted by their educators made advent wreaths for their boarding homes right before the First Sunday in Advent. The older boys of BBH 6 made a large wreathe for the church and later decorated the Christmas tree there.
St. Barbara's and St. Nicolas' Days were celebrated on 4 and 6 December.
The boarding department held a service of Lessons and Carols on Thursday 19 December at six o'clock in St. Michael's Church.
The special
Christmas dinner followed. Teachers, trainers, and members of staff with their families were hosted in boarding homes. Those who attended enjoyed a nice evening with the children. We thank our kitchen staff for preparing the delicious dinner which everyone enjoyed.
Later in the evening Santa Claus arrived and distributed the Christmas presents. Two students form Family 7 (Boarding Home 7) took the Santa duty this year. They distributed presents to all students of the boarding department.
The Academic Department held a very nice program for the Junior School on Friday 20 December 2019 at 11.00 AM.
Teachers also held festive activities in their classrooms during the last period of school that day.
The Christmas presents for boarding students this year were bought with kind grants from LBMS (The Lutheran Board for Mission Support - USA) and alumnus Hussein Sweidan.
Mr. Ghassan Shehadeh, president of the Alumni Association in Lebanon, kindly arranged the grant which we received from Mr. Hussein Sweidan.
We express our sincere gratitude to LBMS, Mr. Hussein Sweidan, and Mr. Ghassan Shehadeh for enabling us to buy Christmas gifts for all our children.
We thank all our students, teachers, educators, and members of staff who worked hard to prepare the wonderful programs we enjoyed.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Christmas Celebration 2019

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Christmas Celebration 2019

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