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Johann Ludwig Schneller School consists of three main departments:

The Boarding Department:
The mission of our school is to provide a loving and caring home to orphans and socially underprivileged children regardless of sex, race, and religion. Our Boarding School consists of seven Families (boarding homes) for boys and three Families for girls. We are very fortunate to have modern facilities and a good team of dedicated workers that provide excellent care to all our students. Our wonderful school campus provides and ideal environment to fulfill our mission. We do not aim to be a replacement of parents and families of our students, but rather work with them  for the best upbringing of our children. We insist on our students maintaining their ties with their families and relatives in order to return to their respective communities better trained, educated, and equipped to be productive members in their societies. 
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The Vocational Department:  Vocational School
The mission of our school is to provide students of our vocational school with up-to-date professional training in their respective fields. It is to provide them with the skills and know-how of the profession they have chosen in order to be very well qualified for future employment. Our vocational school offers three-year courses in Car Mechanics, Industrial Mechanics, Electrical Works, Carpentry, and Bakery Skills.  The certificates we offer are BP and DS. Our workshops are very well equipped with all the necessary equipment and machinery. They have been designed for safety, space, and to present an enhancing learning environment. They are regularly updated to meet future developments. Our partnerships with the industries in Germany and Switzerland and the command of our trainers and most of our students of the German language allow us to be ahead in this field. We aim at changing the local perspective of vocational training, and we train our students to master their professions and be proud of their choices and achievements. We are also working on developing a vocational training program for girls.
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The Academic Department: Academic School
The mission of our school is to educate orphans and socially underprivileged children regardless of sex, race, and religion. We have a good team of dedicated teachers who provide our students with a good learning environment that builds the individual person in addition to providing him/her with knowledge and learning.  We insist on an easy-going and comfortable learning environment bases on mutual respect between students and teachers. We try to meet all the needs of children with learning difficulties and we also provide them with regular counseling through our school psychologists to help them face their challenges and overcome them.  We provide academic education from the first to the ninth grade in accordance with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education. We teach two major foreign languages to our students. Both English and German are taught in our school with equal emphasis.  
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In all three departments we teach our students to be righteous, hardworking, honest, and productive persons; tolerant and respectful of the faiths and beliefs of others, and above all we emphasize peace education, care of the environment, and strict adherence to democracy and human rights.
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Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

Education for Peace since 1860