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Distinctive Students Honored

Distinctive Students Honored 2013 The Association of Evangelical Schools in Lebanon honored all distinctive students of Evangelical schools who got good or excellent averages in the last government exams. Distinctive students form all Evangelical schools gathered with their parents on 26 October 2013 at 5:00 PM in the Emile Lahhoud Educational Center - Dibayyeh. Students received memorial plaques to honor their achievements. A reception followed the program. Two from our school, Hiba Yousef Sati and Fares Nasser Fares, were among the students honored. We congratulate our students for their achievements, and we thank A.E.S.L. for organizing this program. We thank the head of the Academic Department, Mrs. Rita Shakrina, and our teachers for their dedicated work with our students.
Distinctive Students Honored 2013

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