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Dr. Birgitte Menzel-Wortmann Visit & Donation

Old friend and supporter of JLSS, Dr. Birgitte Menzel-Wortmann, visited our school on Sunday 25 September 2011. She was kindly accompanied Dr. Menzel-Wortmann in JLSS by Mrs. Mona Abou Khair Mchantaf from the National Evangelical Church in Beirut.
On the occasion of the retirement of Dr. Menzel-Wortmann a literary concert, with music and readings from The Prophet by Gibran Khalil Gibran, was held in her church to thank her for her long years of service. She asked all those who wanted to give her gifts to donate money instead to Schneller School. Her church in Main- Germany also kindly donated the offering of the last service of Dr. Menzel-Wortmann to our school. Dr. Menzel-Wortmann presented the director, with a cheque for 1,500 Euro. This donation was used to buy furniture for the newly renovated Boys Boarding Home 4 in which our oldest boys of the Academic School reside. The new furniture totally transformed the student lounge and the dining room making Boys Boarding Home 4 look much closer to a home setup. We are slowly replacing the old furniture of the boys boarding homes to bring them to par with our girls boarding homes which are very nicely equipped.
We express our most gratitude to Dr. Menzel-Wortmann and her church for this very kind grant, and for her wonderful friendship and support of our school.
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