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Easter Celebration with Gräbes

Easter Service 2014The Easter celebration this year was very special. Rev. Dr. Uwe Gräbe, his wife Nilar, and his son Jonathan were visiting JLSS at that special time.
The Boarding Department celebrated Easter with a special dinner on Tuesday 15 April, 2014, followed with a worship service in St. Michael's Church at 7:00 PM.
The service was a celebration of Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter at the same time.
Educators read bible passages and lead in prayer.
All enjoyed singing hymns from various Christian traditions.
An outstanding message for that special occasion was delivered by Rev. Dr. Uwe Gräbe, who moved from the story of Mary Magdalene thinking that the risen Lord was the gardener, to explaining how we as people misread faces and pass judgment on others based on color, race, Easter Service 2014social status, or religion. He explained that as Mary Magdalene realized the resurrection when she saw the radiant face of Christ, so the meaning of Easter is seeing the face of Christ in the faces of our fellow human beings, irrespective of color, race, social status, or religion.
The director welcomed Rev. Dr. Gräbe and his family and thanked him for his outstanding message. He also thanked him for his excellent and dedicated work for JLSS. He also asked him to convey the sincere gratitude of Johann Ludwig Schneller School to EVS/EMS and all the supporting members for the wonderful support that enables JLSS to continue its mission to needy children.
The JLSS program is mainly supported by EVS/EMS. The financial support, the staff support through the presence of co-workers and volunteers, and the equipment Easter Service 2014and technical support we receive from EVS/EMS, and through EVS/EMS in Germany, is what is behind the excellent Schneller work to disadvantaged children. 
Chocolate eggs were distributed to all students at the end of the service. The grant for this yearly Easter gift to all our students is kindly sent by Embrace the Middle East (formerly BibleLands). 
We thank Rev. Dr. Uwe Gräbe for his wonderful Easter message. We also thank him, His wife Nilar, and his son Jonathan for their visit at this very special time.
We also thank Embrace the Middle East for the regular grants for Easter and Christmas gifts to all our children, and for their wonderful support of JLSS.

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