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Educators' Day Celebration

SketchJune 1, 2007 was the appointed day for celebrating Educator's Day. The educators and the students prepared well for this very special day. The program included short speeches, music, singing, dancing, and sketches. It was very nice to watch both educators and students participate together in the Abou El-Abed sketch. The sketch made fun of latest developments in our school. The director said in his message that honoring educators is equivalent to honoring parents. He added that we are mistaken when we expect parents to be perfect, and that the same applies if we expect educators to be perfect. He urged students to  be reasonable in their expectations from their parents and educators. He assured them that like parents educators always intend to do what is in the best interest of students, and thus we ought to be grateful to their care and advice. He congratulated all the educators of JLSS and thanked them, and then concluded the program with a word of prayer.
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