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Embrace the Middle East Visit

A four-member group from Embrace the Middle East (formerly known as BibleLands) visited our school. They arrived on Sunday 14 April 2013 at 6:30 PM. Embrace Group in JLSS
The group was lead by Rev. Daniel Burton who just recently retired as trustee of Embrace.
Two current trustees, Ms. Mariam Tadros and Dr. Brian McGucken, and Partnership Manager Claire Barham, were the other members of the group.
The group was on a visit to partners in Lebanon.
They stayed in our guesthouse overnight.
On Monday morning the group went around the JLSS campus visiting the various departments. They had a meeting with the director who thanked them for the wonderful support JLSS receives from Embrace.
The main support we receive from our main supporters in Germany EVS along with the substantial grant we receive from Embrace enables us to provide totally free care and education to all the students in our boarding department, both boys and girls.
The challenges facing JLSS were discussed with the group and how partnership with Embrace can be diversified to further support the JLSS ministry to needy children.
Embrace is considering a new volunteer program, and the director assured members of the group of his eagerness to receive volunteers from Embrace when the new program is launched and the security situation improves in Lebanon.
The group left on Monday 15 April at 1:30 PM heading to another partner institution in Anjar.
We thank all members of the group for their kind visit.
We especially thank Embrace for the wonderful support JLSS receives and for our common Christian partnership in serving the marginalized and those who are desperately in need among children.

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