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EMS Coworker Hans Lehner in JLSS

EMS Coworker, Hans Lehner, arrived to JLSS on Wednesday 21 EMS Coworker Hans Lehner in JLSSJuly 2010. His arrival comes five years after the last coworker from Germany left our school. Our partners in Germany, EMS (Evangelisches Missionswerk in S├╝dwestdeutschland) responded to our request for supplementing our staff with highly qualified people to help us face the present challenges and prepare JLSS for a secure and productive future. The screening process in Germany ended with an excellent choice. Mr. Hans Lehner went through the usual preparation process and is finally with us in Lebanon. We look forward to his participation in the development of our school, and we wish him a very happy stay in Lebanon. We express our sincere gratitude to our partners in Germany, EMS, for sponsoring him, and for their wonderful support of our school.
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