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Volunteers Arrive from Germany & Switzerland Volunteers 2011

EMS volunteers for the Academic Year 2011/2012, Johannes Michel and Thomas Ruppert arrived to JLSS on 9 October 2011. They had to postpone their arrival due to the delay in receiving their visas. From the very first days of their stay in JLSS they showed a wonderful spirit of cooperation and commitment to the work of the school. They are both assisting in the boarding department mainly organizing extra curricular activities for the children during their free time, and also helping them with their studies during study time. Both have wonderful music skills. Johannes is a very good pianist and he is regularly playing in church for our daily chapel services. Thomas plays the guitar and he is teaching some of our boys to play the guitar. We are grateful for their presence, contribution, and wonderful cooperation.
SVS volunteer Rolland Hausler arrived to Schneller School on October 11, 2011. He is a computer specialist and will be assisting us in the IT department. He is also cooperating and providing our school with wonderful technical support to upgrade and develop our computer systems and the LAN network. We are also grateful for his presence and contribution.
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