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Field Day 2009

The excitement and fun that our yearly Field Day brings is a wonderful change to everyone.  Children, adults, students, teachers and members of staff enjoy this very important break in the academic year. All are exhilarated in the sporting events that bring them together in an informal day that removes all the boundaries and formalities of a regular school-day.
The Field Day was held on Tuesday 12 May 2009. All sorts of sports activities, games, and tournaments were held during the day, and it was really nice to hear the rumble of sports competitions in our school.
The loss of a certain game or competition brought tears to some of the young ones, but upon hearing that even the director's team lost the badminton tournament, all the tears went away! So it was a nice day to learn to be happy with winning and loosing.
The final event of the day was the volleyball game that was held between the students' team and that of the teachers. Although the teachers won the game one needs to admit that it was not an even competition. When the referee is playing with the opposing team, the fouls of the teachers' team are none-existent! and all the members of the opposing team are transformed to coaches instructing students and continuously pointing to their fouls; one does not wonder why the spirit of the students' team was lost very early-on in the game. So the decision to grant the medals to the losing team was probably the only fair aspect of that game.
We express our thanks to Mr. Michael Karam, our sports teacher, and all the teachers and students who assisted him in order to make that day a great success.
Although many of us are looking forward to next year's Field Day TO GET EVEN! we congratulate the winners and the winning teams on their success. One thing we can certainly assure the students of: the referee next year will have to be neutral, and he certainly will not be allowed to play in the game he/she referees!!!

Field Day 2009
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