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Field Day 2013 Field Day 2013

The JLSS Field Day was held on Friday 17 May 2013. All sorts of sports activities, games, and tournaments were held during the day. Table Tennis, Free Throw, Three Point Throw, Street Ball, Badminton, Football, High Jump, Doctor Ball and various running races were organized through the day. It was a joyful day that everyone enjoyed.
The final event of the day was a game of Mini Football played between the academic and vocational teams. The result was one all, and it was a nice conclusion for the day. No one was delighted, yet no one was disappointed. Both teams did a good job, although it was strange to watch young men playing sports in jeans!
We express our thanks to Mr. Michael Karam, our sports teacher, and all the teachers and students who assisted him. The day was a very happy one and a great success.

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