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JLSS Celebrates Founder's Day & Lebanese Independence

 Founders Day and Lebanese Independence 2009Our school celebrated Founder's Day and Lebanese Independence Day on Friday 20 November 2009. The program started at 1.00 PM with a march of the flag, the Lebanese national anthem, and an opening prayer.
The program included music, singing, poetry, dance, drama, and a PowerPoint presentation prepared by Grade Nine about the history of our school.
The program this year exceeded all expectations. The children and students performed exceptionally well reflecting their creativity and happiness. It was very clear that so much hard work was put in preparation. The decoration of the stage was creative and beautiful. The sound system was very well installed enabling the audience to clearly hear every word. The compositions of our Music teacher, Mr. Joseph Sleilati, for the occasion were beautiful and very well performed by the students. The stage productions were equally nice. Arabic and English diction of students was good. The dances were well rehearsed, and the whole Founders Day and Lebanese Independence 2009program was a great joy to everyone.
The only deficiency was the fact that the program did not include anything in the German language.
Both the vocational and academic departments participated in the program.
We thank all our students and teachers for that beautiful program. We especially thank Mrs. Rita Chakrina, the Program Coordinator of the Academic Department, Mr. Elie Farhat, the coordinator for extra-curricular activities, Mr. Joseph Sleilati, our Music teacher, and all the people who worked very hard to make the program such a wonderful success.
We congratulate our teachers and students for this clear improvement in JLSS programs.

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