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Founder's Day Celebration 2008

 Founder's Day 2008Our school celebrated Founder's Day on Tuesday 11 November 2008. The programs was held in the Nursery Hall as Herman Schneller Hall was closed for renovation work. Students excelled in poetry, song, dance, and music. The program was nice reflecting the understanding of both our students and teachers of the values on which our school is founded. Students of the intermediate classes of the academic school participated in the program. Our music teacher, Mr. Joseph Sleilati, wrote Founder's Day 2008special songs for the occasion which his students sang. Other students wrote funny poetry in local form about their teachers, and they recited their poems to the amusement of both students and teachers. The addresses that the students delivered in English and German were exceptionally good reflecting the improvement of the standard of foreign languages in our school. We express our thanks to the teachers and students who prepared that nice program.
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Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

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