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Fun Fair 2008

Last year we were unable to hold our yearly fun fair for security reasons. This year both the political and security situations improved towards the end of the school year, and we were given a breathing space to hold normal activities. We only had one month, and we decided that our children needed all the fun and entertainment they missed for many year even if it meant cramming everything in a very short span.
The field day was held, school trips were organized, and we were even able to hold our yearly fun fair which extended for three days from six to eight June 2008.
The fun fair committee chaired by Mr. Bashir Monsef, our Math teacher, was able to make all the necessary preparations in time. A science and art exhibition was organized in Herman Schneller Hall. The staff dining room was transformed into an exhibition hall for selling the products of our workshops and bakery. Three short plays were performed in Herman Schneller Hall on June 6 in German, English, and Arabic as part of the on-going art exhibition. Sports competitions were organized. Inflatable games, billiards, and other games were also rented and brought to JLSS for our students to enjoy. Delicious CHICH TAWOUK (barbequed chicken), hamburgers, French fries, and other food items were sold for everyone to enjoy.
Parents, students, alumni, friends, and children of all ages flocked to our school to enjoy our fun fair. We were also delighted with the presence of former director Rev. Dr. Riad Kassis, his wife Izdihar, and his daughter Trivina, on the second day of the fun fair.
We express our thanks to Mr. Bashir Monsef and his team of teachers and students who worked very hard to make this year's fun fair a true success. We also express our sincere gratitude to all the businesses, sponsors, and friends who made contributions towards this very important event.
Thank you for helping us bring happiness to our children.
Fun Fair 2008
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