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JLSS Funfair 2009

JLSS Funfair 2009Although we were planning to hold our yearly funfair during the second week of June, we had to bring the dates forward because of the up-coming elections in Lebanon.
We held the funfair from Thursday 28 until Saturday 30 June 2009. The funfair committee chaired by Mr. Bashir
Climbing the Inflatable MountainWe express our most sincere gratitude to all the sponsors and supporters of our funfair. We thank Ksara Winery for generously sponsoring our funfair year after year.
We especially thank Jieno the magician (Mr. Raed Bou Mrad) for his wonderful show.
We also thank Mr. Bashir Monsef, Mr. Michael Karam, and the funfair team of teachers, trainers, volunteers, and students for the wonderful three days we all enjoyed.    
Mrs. Vivian Ghanem Visiting our FunfairMrs. Vivian Ghanem, wife of Member of Parliament, Robert Ghanem, visited our school during the funfair with a group of ladies from Saghbine, a nearby town. They visited the exhibitions and bought some of the products of the workshops of the vocational school. Mrs. Ghanem also made a kind donation towards supporting this year’s funfair.
We thank Mrs. Ghanem and the ladies from Saghbine for their kind visit and support, and we especially thank Mrs. Ghanem for her kind donation.
Monsef had the daunting task of preparing everything two weeks ahead of schedule.
The whole team scrambled in every direction visiting sponsors and supporters, going from one shop to another trying to get prizes, and contacting food suppliers to make sure all needed food items would be available on time.
They also had to make the necessary reservation for the inflatable games to be installed on the specific dates.
Teachers and trainers had to speed up the preparations for both exhibitions of the academic and vocational schools.
Our sports teachers had to speed up the practice sessions for the dance competition and basketball game planned for the funfair.
Wondeful Show by Jieno the MagicianAmazingly, everything was ready on time with the exception of the magic show. It was delayed for one hour, because there was an accident on the road causing the late arrival of the magician. 
The wait was very much worth it, as Jieno the magician excelled in his tricks to the delight and amazement of all. The climax of his show was when he invited the director of the school to use ropes to tie around a young woman, and in seconds transferred the director’s jacket from his shoulders onto those of the young woman, right under all the tied ropes. It was an amazing show that mystified everyone.
JLSS Dance CompetitionThe dance competition was equally wonderful. Mr. Michael Karam, our sports teacher, had come up with this idea, and it was a wonderful one. Many parents attended the competition, and students of all ages did very well in their dances. It w
Fun for AllThe outdoor games and activities were also a delight to all. The inflatable games had the climbing mountain, which our students enjoyed among others. The water games, musical chairs, various races, and different
Happy Faces Thanks to Liesl and SonjaSonja and Liesl, volunteers from South Africa, delighted our students and children by coloring their faces and drawing tattoos for them.
EMS volunteers
Exhibition of the Academic SchoolThe exhibition of the academic school was very nice reflecting all the hard work of the students, their parents, and our teachers in producing all the wonderful projects covering most of the subjects taught in JLSS.
The exhibition of the vocational school had fewer products than previous years. This was because our workshops had some orders from outside customers requiring on-time  delivery. We hope we will have a better variety of products next year.
The Basketball Game our Team WonThe conclusion of the funfair was the basketball game that was held between the JLSS team and another from Khirbet Kanafar. Our children and students were cheering the JLSS team in a wonderful way, and the team did not disappoint them. They won the game making it a very cheerful conclusion to our funfair.
Uli and Jacob were ensuring the safety of students and children who were climbing the inflatable mountain.
 competitions for all ages, made all our children happy, especially on the first day.
as a very entertaining addition to our yearly funfair. Both parents and students very much enjoyed it.
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