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German Community Church in JLSS German Community Church in JLSS

Rev. Jonas Weiss-Lange (Pastor of the German Community Church in Beirut) and his wife Chris, accompanied a group from their church on a visit to JLSS on Friday 3 June 2011. They arrived around noon-time, and they were welcomed by the director, Rev George D. Haddad, and EMS co-worker, Mr. Hans Lehner. Rev. Weiss-Lange lead the service for Ascension Day (which was the day before) in St. German Community Church in JLSS Michael's Church. It was a very moving experience as it was the first German worship service in Schneller School after so many years. Rev. and Mrs. Schpangenberg came from Anjar to be with the group. It was sad that members of the German community in Syria who planned to attend were not able to come because of the security situation in Syria. After the service the group went to the main dining hall where they had lunch. Mr. Lehner then showed them around the school. They visited the various departments, the biblical garden, and our guesthouse. Many expressed interest in coming to stay in German Community Church in JLSS our guesthouse for a few days, and we assured them they will be most welcome. They concluded their visit at the gatehouse where they bought Schneller breads and wine. We thank Rev. and Mrs. Weiss-Lange for their wonderful visit. We also thank all members of the group for their wonderful friendship. We hope they had a very nice day in Schneller, and that they will come again.
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