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German Group and Alumni Visit

German and Alumni Visit 2011A German tour group visited JLSS on Friday 29 April 2011at 10.00 AM. The group was lead by JLSS alumni Dr. Samir Aakel and Dr. Emile Awdeh. They were received by the director, Rev, George D. Haddad, Mr. Ghassan Shehadeh, Mr. Jean Haddad, Mr. George Tin, and Mr. Yousef Mourad. It was a very emotional time for the alumni as they met again in JLSS after all these years. Our guests were taken around the school and heard about the recent developments and challenges that the school is facing. Rev. Haddad thanked them for their visit and support of JLSS. He German and Alumni Visit 2011 emphasized the importance of the partnership we have with our partners in Germany, EVS and EMS, without which the school would not be able to continue its care to underprivileged children. The group then left Schneller School to Baalbek. We thank our alumni and German guests for their wonderful visit, and we thank all who came to give them a very warm welcome.
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