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Goethe Institute Testing German in JLSS

This year the teaching of the German language was restored to prominence in our school program. We started teaching German from the 3rd Grade, and each class had a minimum of four periods of German per week.
We received wonderful support from Goethe Institute which includedGoethe Institute Team in JLSS books and coordination between our teachers and staff from the Language Department. It is our goal that eventually students of the Fifth Grade would pass the German examination Level One, and students of the Ninth Grade would pass Level Two.
In order to assess the achievement of our students independently, we asked Goethe Institute to conduct those tests in our school. This year we limited the examination to twelve students from all classes who did well in German, and we only conducted Level One exams on all students.
Mrs. Julia Glashoff-Sayegh, Head of the Language Department of Goethe Institute, accompanied with Mrs. Daniela Decker and Mr. Chafic Bsat arrived to our school on Monday 16 of June and they tested our students. The results were very encouraging. All eleven students from the academic school passed the exam. The only student from the vocational school who took the exam failed. We hope the vocational school will do better next year. We congratulate Miss Zino and all teachers of our German Language Department on this very good result which was achieved in a very short time.
We express our gratitude to Goethe Institute for all the support we are receiving, and we especially thank Mrs. Julia Glashoff-Sayegh, Mrs. Daniela Decker and Mr. Chafic Bsat for kindly agreeing to come to our school, all the way from Beirut, to conduct those tests.
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