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In preparation for beginning the Dual System (SD) next year, and in order to help us with the necessary preparation work, we had a visit from GOPA Worldwide Consultants and GTZ on Friday June 1, 2007. Mr. Jürgen Förderer and Mr. Joachim Joerdens visited JLSS and met the Director, Rev. George D. Haddad, and the Supervisor of the Vocational School, Mr. Joseph Bou Simaan. The preparations for beginning teaching through the Dual System in our vocational school were checked, and the needs were discussed. They visited our workshops and also discussed the possibility of offering seminars to trainers of other vocational schools at Schneller by our trainers, and in reciprocation, by allowing our trainers to attend seminars and workshops in other institutions.  Schneller's willingness to assist other institutions and further its cooperation with other vocational schools was emphasized by the director, and we also expressed the need of our trainers to attend workshops to continue to develop theirs skills and knowledge. The problems facing JLSS currently are the facts that the curriculum for the Dual System is only available in French and that there are no text books for vocational instruction in Lebanon. We will have to work on translating the curriculum and gradually develop our own textbooks. There are copyright issues that prevent us from translating English or French books. GTZ GOPA consultants will try to help us acquire sources that will help our trainers to fill this gap. We express our thanks to Mr. Förderer and Mr. Joerdens for their visit and helpful assistance.
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