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Mr. Hekmann & Mr. Goll in JLSS

Mr Hekmann & Mr Goll in JLSSMr. Helmut Hekmann and Mr. Martin Goll visited our school from 31 January till 7 February 2009. The purpose of their visit was to see how they can help the vocational department in JLSS. They had meetings with Dr. Michael Guder, Mr. Jürgen Förderer, and Mr. Carlos Naffaa of GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit) who kindly travelled from Beirut to JLSS to meet them. They also visited the department of vocational training in the ministry of education and various industries in Lebanon. They had a meeting with the director of JLSS, the head of the vocational department, and the program coordinator to discuss a suggested work plan that Mr. Hekmann presented. It was decided to study this work plan with that of JLSS and the ideas of the program coordinator, and to come up with a unified plan that combines all three papers and maintains the partnerships JLSS has with German and Swiss industries with an inclusive perspective for the best of JLSS. This will be the most suitable plan for the future direction of our vocational department. We express our thanks to Mr. Hekmann, Mr. Goll, EVS, and BBW for their interest in supporting our school.
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