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Georg Rossbauer Follows up on Hops Project Mr. Rossbauer with Supporting JLSS Team

SES (Senior Experts Service of Germany) expert, Georg Rossbauer, arrived to JLSS on Wednesday 25 March 2009 to follow up on the hops planting project. By an initiative from the German embassy the hops project was started last year when 75 plants were planted to test the feasibility of growing hops in Lebanon. Mr. Rossbauer accompanied by Mr. Andreas Fiedler of the German embassy presented the project to the JLSS Board of Trustees that met on Tuesday 31 of March 2009. Many plants had died since the time they were planted last year but Mr. Rossbauer oversaw the construction of the metal structure that will support the ones that survived as they grow into their second year. He will be returning during the harvest time to oversee the harvesting and drying of the produce. All the necessary work and planning for the period from now until then was carefully organized, and the final assessment will come after the harvest. Mr. Rossbauer returned to Germany on Wednesday April 8.
We thank the German embassy, SES, Mr. Fiedler, and Mr. Rossbauer for their efforts, and we hope the project will be successful in order to provide alternative farming to the local Lebanese community.
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