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Invitation of Alumni Get-together 2014


Vancouver, WA 3/3/2014

I am happy to inform you that our get-together this year 2014 is scheduled to be in Niagara Falls, Canada,  June 6-8th, 2014. Please contact Rafik El-Far at 416-536-6031, Toronto, Canada, regarding place of meeting and accommodation. 

Here is what SAFA, LBMS, various alumni and friends did for Schneller School in the last two years:

1. Charles Stephan, alumnus, member of the Haberfield Rotary Club, Australia $5,000 for the girl’s needs,

2. Dr. Rishmaui, alumnus,  musical brass instruments,

3. Dr. Dahdal, alumnus,  musical instruments- recorders,

4. Dr. Aghabi, former student,  Scholarships,

5. Milhem Neaimi & Aziz Shalaby, alumni, shoes,

6. Aziz Shalaby, alumnus,  software- Windows 7,8, Office 2010,and medical needs,

7. Lutheran Board for Mission Support (LBMS), blankets, musical instruments- clarinets, computers, new sofas, new furniture, Al Roberts Scholarship, shelving, books,  chairs, main computer for the Stammeier Library, diesel, heating units for vocational and other buildings at the school, windows, seed money for the Kinder Garden building, Syrian refugees, Schneller Foundation in Germany,  LBMS donated a total of $61,595.64 for all these projects. Thanks to the Board of LBMS and all who contributed and cared to be an integral part in the lives of these needy children.

8. Izdihar’s Wish is a program that is totally sponsored by the alumni and all the donations go directly to the needy students for uniforms, clothes, eyeglasses, school supplies and other personal urgent needs. Total donations to this program so far are $4,870.64.

Rev. George Haddad, Schneller Director, send me a CD of many photos in jpg file that depicts the daily life at the school: celebrating Advent and Christmas, the computer lab, the bakery, the class rooms, the bedrooms, the church, the machine shop, the carpentry, children plays and musical performances. Girls and boys happy faces and smiles, from ear to ear, are priceless.

We will meet Saturday, June 7th, 2014 from 3:00-5:00 PM at the hotel. If you want to include items on the agenda, please let me know.      

I am looking forward, to sharing with you, in Niagara Falls, bread, laughs and memories.  Please come and bring your children with you.                           

Aziz B Shalaby ‘61, 
16205 SE Evergreen Hwy,
Vancouver, WA, USA 
Tel.: 360-260-3070                                                                                                                                   ashalaby@comcast.net                                                                                   

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