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Landeskunde Seminar by Goethe Institute Landeskunde Seminar by Goethe Institute

The good cultural relations between Schneller School and Goethe Institute in Beirut made it possible for us to participate in “Landeskunde Seminar” (Countries’ Customs). This seminar was held in Germany between January 10 and 30, 2010. The German language coordinator at our school, Claud Zino, was chosen by Goethe Institute to attend this seminar which took place between Munich and Berlin.
The seminar was very important for both teachers and students. Some German teachers explained how teachers can use modern methods and technology in teaching and encouraging students to use the internet in order to conduct some information hunting regarding Landeskunde Seminar by Goethe Institute the German language.
In addition to that, the participants were taken on several trips to different places, touristic places and museums, for sightseeing and interviewing people, officials for instance, and this resulted in a better acquaintance with Germany.
We thank Goethe Institute for providing us with this opportunity hoping more opportunities will be on the way.
(Text & Photos by Miss Claude Zino)
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