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Martin Ruopp Football Field

It is very rare that people come out of an extreme personal tragedy with a remarkable spirit of charity. This is what the parents of Martin Ruopp, who tragically passed away at a very early age, did. They decided to donate all his savings to build a very modern football field for our children.
Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to have such an excellent football field in JLSS, but the Ruopps made this dream come true.

Work started early in June 2016 upon the board's approval of one of the offers after a tender was held for the project.
We wanted a FIFA standard football field, and our land was just right for the smallest FIFA recognized size: 90 x 45 meters.

The land was prepared according to specification. The fence with the concrete structure holding it were built. We had problems with the main power cables, and we had to request Electricite du Liban to adjust the position of three pylons, which they did at our expense. The specialized water drainage system was installed under the thick base-course that was rolled with a 5-ton roller, in accordance with the specifications. Finally, the artificial turf was laid and the field was finally ready.

The board decided to name the new football field the Martin Ruopp Football Field in gratitude to the Ruopp family for this wonderful project.
Many young people will spend wonderful hours in this field, not only Schneller students, but others from our region.
Sport is a most wonderful alternative for young people to many of the challenges that they face in life today. This project is part of our peace-education program, as it provides a place for young people in our region to use their energy in sport rather than violence and hurting themselves and others.

For this most wonderful project, Schneller School and all its students, teachers, trainers, and members of staff, will forever be grateful to the Ruopp family for their amazing kindness and charity, even through extreme tragedy.
Our thoughts and prayers will always be with them, that God may bless and reward them for their wonderful contribution to our school.


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Martin Ruopp Football Field
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