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Memorial for Rev. Klaus Schmid and Mr. Ulrich Ruopp

Rev Klaus Schmid with Mr and Mrs RuoppAt exactly the same time of the funerals in Germany of Rev. Klaus Schmid and Mr. Ulrich Ruopp on Friday 17 September 2021 1:00 PM Germany time and 2:00 PM local time, JLSS honored the memory of both great men in a memorial held outside St. Michael's Church. The largest bell in the church tower was solemnly tolled from 1:55 till 2:00 PM when all the students left their classes in and orderly manner to stand in line in front of the church.
The memorial was originally planned to be inside the church, but with the high risk of COVID19 and the inability to have so many people inside the church with safe distancing, it was decided to move the memorial outside the church.
Students from KG1 till Grade 10 from both the academic and vocational schools with all the teachers, trainers, educators and members of staff stood outside the church while the director Rev. George D. Haddad spoke about the wonderful long ministry of Rev. Klaus Schmid for over 55 years and his great dedication to Schneller Schools, and the wonderful kindness of Mr. Ulrich Ruopp through the great projects he and his family contributed to JLSS in memory of his late son, Martin Ruopp.
Rev. Haddad concluded with prayer, then all students returned to their classes.
We praise God for the life of both great men, and we express our sincere condolences to their families and friends.

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