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Mothers' Day and Children's Day Celebration 2014

JLSS Children 2014 The Junior School celebrated Mothers' Day and Children's Day on Thursday 20 March 2014 at 11.00 PM in Hermann Schneller Hall.
Parents were invited to the program which was started with the children singing the Lebanese national anthem.
Attending were the newly elected members of the Parents' Committee and the chairman of the committee, Mr. Mohammad Taha, who were all welcomed by the director.
The director also welcomed the parents, delivered a short address using mothers and children as symbols of peace, calling everyone to imitate them and always work for peace.
He also said the opening prayer.
Children from all classes of the Junior School contributed to the program. They danced, sang and performed with great enthusiasm to the delight of their teachers and proud parents.
We express our thanks to all the teachers who worked hard with our junior children to produce the wonderful program. JLSS Children 2014 We especially thank our music teacher, Mr. Joseph Sleilati, for the music he composed, the lyrics he wrote, and his hard work in teaching our children.
We also thank our sports' teacher, Mr. Michael Karam, for the dances he taught our children.
We thank Mrs. Rita Shakrina, and Mr. Elie Farhat for organizing and coordinating the program.
We finally thank all the parents who attended in order to encourage their children.

Happy Mothers' Day and Happy Children's Day!

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