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Board Member - Mrs. Leila Dagher

Leila Dagher
Studied at the College Protestant Français. Then joined LAU, which was BCW then got my Bachelors Degree in Education, then joined AUB for a Master’s Degree in psychology. In 1987 I got another Master’s Degree from AUB in Educational Psychology. I started working on Doctorate Degree in Educational management with Leicester University.
1965-1975 I taught English for 10 years.
1972-1976 taught as the elementary level at the American school for girls.
1976-1988 I was appointed Director of the Elementary section at the National Protestant College. 1988 till present. I worked at the Lebanese American University as Director of Relation, then Director of Admissions and International Recruitment.
I was appointed on the Schneller Board in the seventies and represented the church in “women’s work” at the EMS in Germany, and spent three months talking to different groups about women’s work in Lebanon. I served in the Board of Elders of the NEC and on the Schneller Board, school Board, the church Building Council, and represented the church on the Joint Christian Committee for social services for Palestinian Refugees. I am very much interested in social work in the church and with other non governmental organizations.
Schneller School Name in Arabic
Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

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