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NECB Ladies Society in JLSS

NECB Women Group in JLSS A group of women from the Ladies' Society (YAD AL-MUSAADA) of the National Evangelical Church in Beirut visited JLSS on Friday 16 May 2014. They stayed in the Schneller Guesthouse overnight and returned to Beirut on Saturday morning at 11:00 AM. The group was lead by the chairperson of the society Mrs. Wadea Badr.
The aim of the visit was to allow NECB  members to observe the recent developments in JLSS, and to encourage them to make use of the wonderful facilities of the guesthouse and the school.
The Sunday School children and youth of NECB know Schneller School very well. It is their favorite place for summer camps and youth activities, but the continuous political unrest in Lebanon and the distance from Beirut to Khirbet Qanafar makes people reluctant to visit JLSS.
The group had a wonderful time, and they were delighted to be in JLSS after all those years and to see the recent developments in our campus and buildings.
NECB Women Group in JLSS We are delighted they were able to visit before the recent political developments in Lebanon.
We thank Mrs. Wadea Badr and all the members of the group for their wonderful visit.
We hope the security situation will improve so that people may feel safe to visit our region and get to know our school better. This will bring the wonderful support NECB is providing JLSS to a much closer and meaningful level.
This is one more reason to pray for peace!

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