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New Generator and Voltage Stabilizers

When the area of Khirbet Qanafar was connected to the electricity grid of Qaroun, there was major trouble ahead for JLSS.JLSS Voltage Stabilizers Although the supply of power became almost 24 hours a day, the voltage was extremely low. Our repeated calls to the Electricity company revealed that the low voltage problem will not be corrected for major technical and financial reasons.

When the seasons of high electricity consumption came, mainly in summer and winter, the interruption of power was continuous, and electricity was going off and on like a Christmas tree. Every evening between 7.00 and 11.00 PM the interruptions to power are numerous. The protection to the three phase power supply was also tripping and JLSS was facing an impossible situation.

The voltage was so low most of our florescent lights would not turn on. Most of the machines were not working. Central heating burners would not start. AC units would not heat classrooms. Photocopiers did not work. Computers were being continuously damaged. We were facing damage to equipment at an alarming rate.

The need for huge voltage stabilizers for the school became an absolute necessary. The cost of this equipment is huge and we needed around US$ 10,000 for this most needed project.

The EVS Foundation kindly provided JLSS with those funds. Rev. Dr. Uwe Gräbe and Rev. Klaus Schmid informed the Schneller local board which was refusing the request of the director for such equipment, that the EVS Foundation will provide the needed grant.

The voltage stabilizers installation was completed at the beginning of February 2014. Finally, everything was running smoothly and classes and boarding homes were being adequately heated. Damage to equipment was stopped.

New Generator JLSS also received a grant from the EVS Foundation last year for a new electricity generator with step technology which consumes diesel based on power consumption. The new generator was a joint project between the EVS Foundation and the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs. His Excellency Minister Wael Abou Faour included JLSS among the institutions receiving support for generators. After a lengthy process the new generator was delivered in January 2014.

A new control panel will also be installed to control the generators of JLSS by which the generator matching the power needed will be started. This will have enormous savings on our diesel bills.

We express our most sincere gratitude to His Excellency Minister Wael Abou Faour for his wonderful support of JLSS. We especially thank our German partners EVS/EMS for providing us with the funds that enabled us to install the voltage stabilizers and pay our share of the new generator.

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