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Nicola Neaimi Visit Nicola Neaimi Dr. Haddad Mr. El-Tin with Rev. Haddad

Mr. Nicola Neaimi surprised us with a visit on Wednesday afternoon 16 February 2011. He was accompanied by Dr. Najem Haddad and Mr. George El-Tin. Nicola belonged to the first class of Johann Ludwig Schneller School when it was founded in 1952. He graduated in 1960 and taught for one year in JLSS before leaving in August 1961. He is now living in the United States. The director received the three JLSS alumni and the discussion was how the alumni can support their school. The director assured them of the whole hearted willingness of JLSS and its Board to fully cooperate with the alumni and support them in all their efforts. He briefed them on all the recent developments and achievements in addition to the challenges. We thank Mr. Neaimi, Dr. Haddad, and Mr. El-Tin for their wonderful visit and great dedication to their school.
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