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Rev. Maurer & EMS Staff Visit JLSS EMS Delegation at JLSS

Rev. Andreas Maurer, EMS (Association of Churches and Missions in South Western Germany) Executive Secretary for the Schneller Schools, arrived to JLSS on Monday 5th of October 2009 along with his newly appointed secretary Ute Müller and Heide Soldner who works in fundraising for EMS. This is the regular yearly visit for Rev. Maurer in which he catches up with the latest developments in our school and follows up matters with the director and other members of staff. It was also an occasion for Ute and Heide to learn about our school. All three visited the various departments and met our children, students, teachers, and members of staff. They had meals in boarding families to learn about our children and their way of life. Rev. Maurer had various meetings with the director and coordinators of departments. He also met with the educators (house parents) of the boarding department, listened to their concerns, thanked and encouraged them to continue with their challenging work. On Tuesday 6th of October, Dr. Owe Boersma of EMW (Evangelisches Missionswerk in Deutschland) joined the group in order to learn about our school and its work with needy children. All four returned to Beirut on Wednesday 7th of October. The EMS delegation will fly to Amman to visit Theodor Schneller School. We thank them all for their wonderful visit and we thank EMS for the wonderful support and unparalleled commitment to our school.
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