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Dr. & Mrs. Rischmaui in JLSS

The Sunday service on 26 October 2008 was a special one. It was wonderful to have Dr. Basil Rischmaui among those attending the service. Dr. Rischmaui is one of the first generation students of JLSS who came from Jerusalem. He was taught at the hands of the founder of our school Rev. Herman Schneller. He later studied medicine and after many years of practicing in Germany became a professor of medicine. He is now retired and is dedicating a lot of his time to supporting Schneller schools. He is currently a member of EVS (Schneller Society in Germany). He came with his wife and a few friends to visit JLSS. They all joined the worshipers for the after service fellowship. It was wonderful to hear him talk about the last days in Jerusalem and Bethlehem and the very first years in JLSS. He already provided us with some of his memoirs which we added on the Alumni Memoirs webpage, and he promised us of more to come. He visited the classrooms which he studied in and the boarding home which he lived in for many years. He was very happy to see the transformation in those places which took place in the summer of 2007 with the very kind grant from the W├╝rttemberg Church. An additional blessing of his visit was the friends he had with him. Mr. Nabil Wahhab was in Germany and later returned to Lebanon and started his business in carpentry and industrial mechanics. It was an opportunity to discuss with him the possibility of cooperation with respect to placing Dual System students for training in his factories. He was delighted with the idea and promised to fully cooperate with JLSS in this respect. Staff from our vocational school will soon visit him in his factories to realize this cooperation agreement. Dr. Rishchmaui also discussed with the director his plans for supporting Schneller schools and assured the director of his intention to come with other alumni to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Schneller schools here in JLSS in the year 2010. We express our thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Rischmaui for their wonderful visit and we also thank them for introducing us to their wonderful friends.
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