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Grade 9 Road Safety Project
Mrs. Lena Gebrane, mother of late Hady Gebrane, visited our school on 4 April. 2017 and gave three presentations, each prepared for a different age-group, on road safety. The presentations were excellent, and had a huge impact on our students.
Safety brochures were distributed to all students after each presentation.
Grade 9 Road Safety Project
We express our most sincere gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Gebrane for their visit, presentations, and wonderful work they do to save lives in Lebanon.
After the road safety presentations, Grade 9 students implemented the second part of their project which consisted of installing seven road signs in the vicinity of the school to alert drivers to the presence of students.
Grade 9 Road Safety Project
We congratulate Grade 9 students and Mrs. Odette Makhoul on this wonderful project.
We wish them the best of luck in the competition.

Grade 9 students, lead by Mrs. Odette Makhoul, are participating in a international competition for road safety. The "Your Ideas Your Initiative" competition  is a p.a.u. education project.
Grade 9 Road Safety Project
Students worked together to improve safety and mobility around the school. They decided to work on two level; first, they decided to educated all other students in Schneller School about road safety; and second, they wanted to make changes to the roads around the school to make them safer.
Grade 9 Roade Safety Project
For the first part, they contacted Kunhadi, which is a Non-Governmental Organization for youth awareness on Road Safety. This NGO was established in 2006 after the tragic death of 18-year-old Hady Gebrane.
Kunhadi aims to introduce a new culture of safe driving habits among the Lebanese community.
Grade 9 Road Safety Project
Our students invited Kunhadi to give presentations on road safety to JLSS students. They also prepared a road safety exhibition for that event.

Road Safety Project by Grade 9

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