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Rolf Bartel's Visit 2021

Visit of Rolf Bartel 2021Although Rolf Bartel's mother was very sick, he did not cancel his planned visit to JLSS which was from September 26th to October fourth 2021.
Rolf spent this time, as he did during his many previous visits, helping upgrade JLSS energy rooms. He also trained our staff  in maintenance and efficient adjustment of energy systems.
This year we added solar panels while replacing the damaged domestic hot water tank of Elizabeth von der Decken Hall.
We thank LBMS (Lutheran Board for Mission Support - USA) for their kind grant for this project.
We also replaced the old leaking domestic hot-water tank of BBH3 connecting its energy system to solar panels.
Rolf also trained Mr. George Shawool, who is now in charge of the Energy Department, to use the exhaust measuring tool to adjust all boilers to provide optimal energy and reduce diesel waste.
We thank EVS and Mr. Bartel for the huge task of upgrading all our heating systems allowing us to reduce diesel expenditure
We especially thank Rolf for his friendship and dedicated support of JLSS.
We sincerely thank EVS for the exhaust measurement machine and all the needed parts that EVS sent to JLSS with Rolf.
We also thank our Swiss partners SVS for facilitating Rolf's visit through their grant for his flight ticket.
We later learnt that Rolf's mother sadly passed away a few days after his return to Germany.
We express our sincere condolences to him and his family.

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