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Rotarians form Wasserburg am Inn at JLSS

Mr. Peter Rink, Secretary of the Rotary Club in Wasserburg am Inn - Germany, accompanied with another Rotarian Mr. Manfred Bonetsm├╝ller visited our school from 31 October until 2 November 2007. The purpose of their visit was to see how their Rotary club can help our school. They visited all our departments and had meetings with supervisors and the director. They discussed the possible support that the Wasserburg am Inn Rotary Club may extend to JLSS. This will be done in partnership with the Beirut Cosmopolitan Rotary Club that has been supporting our school for many years. We express our thanks to Mr. Rink and Mr. Bonetsm├╝ller for their kind visit, and we look forward to our future cooperation with the Wasserburg am Inn Rotary Club.
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