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Rotary Electrical Equipment Delivered

Through a Rotary Foundation matching grant, the Rotary Club of Beirut Rotary Electrical Equipment Cosmopolitan, and the Rotary Club of Hamburg-Blankenese, equipped the JLSS Electricity Workshop with sophisticated electrical equipment from Germany.
This equipment was badly needed in order to start Dual System Industrial Electricity training next academic year 2013/2014.
Our Rotarian friends decided to support this project as part of their overall effort to bring vocational training in JLSS to the 21st century.
The electrical equipment was ordered from Lucas-Nülle - Germany.
It was delivered early December 2012.
The Rotary Foundation also covered the cost of freight, customs, VAT, handling and clearance.
As it is the case with every Rotary project, providing training to staff is always part and parcel of every project.
Dr. Christian Staab Schmidt, Managing Director of Lucas-Nülle Middle East, along with Dr. Hans Laufer arrived to our school on Monday 14 January 2013. The equipment was installed on Tuesday, and both Dr. Staab Schmidt and Dr. Laufer returned to Beirut for a lecture on Wednesday.
Dr Hans Laufer Training JLSS Staff Dr. Laufer returned to JLSS and provided two days of extremely valuable training to our staff on how to use the electrical equipment.
The training sessions were attended by both trainers of the JLSS electrical workshop. Two guest trainers also attended, as one of them will be employed by JLSS next year. Trainers form both Industrial Mechanics and Car Mechanics departments of JLSS were asked to attend the training, in addition to all students of the Electricity Department.
We thank Dr. Laufer for the excellent training sessions and the extremely valuable information he shared with our trainers and students. We thank him for his patient and kind approach in conveying very complex training concepts. We especially thank him for allowing us to capture on video all the training sessions for future reference by our staff.
It was obvious that further training will be necessary when the equipment will be used next year for launching the DS program in Industrial Electricity.
On Monday 21 January, Dr. Christof Ackermann (RC Hamburg-Blankenese), President George Beiruti, and Mr. Toni Asfour (RC BeirutRotary Friends in JLSS Cosmopolitan) visited our school to follow up the project. They saw the newly installed equipment, visited workshops, and talked to trainers and students about the equipment and the training sessions.
Our trainers and students expressed their sincere gratitude to the Rotary partners for the equipment and the training. They were all very thankful that the JLSS electrical workshop finally has the modern equipment needed for DS training.
We express our most sincere gratitude to the Rotary Foundation, the Rotary Club of Beirut Cosmopolitan, the Rotary Club of Hamburg-Blankenese, Dr. Christof Ackermann, President George Beiruti, Mr. Toni Asfour, and all our Rotary partners for enabling Schneller School to modernize its equipment, keep pace with modern developments, and provide skillful vocational training suitable to our modern times.

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