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Rotary Training for Program Coordinator of the Vocational Department

The CNC Machine Donated by the Roatary ClubsThe Rotary Club of Wasserburg - Germany prepared and hosted a training course for the Program Coordinator of our vocational department, Mr. Nasr Debs. The Rotary Club of Wasserburg in partnership with the Beirut Cosmopolitan Rotary Club, bought our school a very advanced CNC machine.
This machine was badly needed for the Dual System program especially in the Industrial Mechanics department. Our Rotarian friends did not only buy the CNC machine but also prepared and hosted a training program for Mr. Nasr Debs in Germany from 15 September until 28 October 2009.
The aim of the training program was to train Mr. Debs to install and operate the CNC machine, and also to teach him how to train others to operate it, both colleagues and students.
Rotary Club of Wasserburg Am InnHis program included a very rich schedule that began in SOMIC Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co.KG which is owned by our dear Rotarian friend Mr. Manfred Bonetsm├╝ller who was the technical expert and advisor on this project right from the very beginning. In SOMIC Mr. Debs learnt how to install, level, and operate the CNC machine.
He also attended a training program for five days in the renowned software company that controls the CNC machine: Heidenhein. There he was exposed and trained to use the latest software to operate the machine. He also trained in ALBMA company which is specialized in the construction of  automation machines for the production of cheeses.
He visited the vocational school in Bad Aibling where he was exposed to modern concept in vocational trainiMr. Debs Training in Germany ng both theoretical and practical. The rest of his program was practicing various exercises (40) of operating the CNC  machine which took place in SOMIC. He finally packed all the accessories of the CNC machine which were also kindly donated by the Rotary Clubs.
Our Rotarian friends did not only look after the training of Mr. Debs but also included sightseeing visits and trips to Salzburg, Munich and other places in Germany.
We express our most sincere gratitude to the Rotary Club of Wasserburg and all our Rotarian friends. In particular we want to thank SOMIC for hosting most of the training program. We especially thank Mr. Manfred Bonetsm├╝ller, Mr. Peter Rink, and all the wonderful people of the Rotary Club in Wasserburg for being such wonderful partners and friends of our school.
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