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Schneller Celebrates Christmas

Christmas celebrations for Schneller School - Lebanon began on Wednesday 20 December 2006 when the pre-school children had their special program to which the parents were invited. They gave an outstanding show which delighted everyone especially the proud parents. Thursday 21 December was the day for celebrating Christmas for the boarding department. The program began with a service of lessons and carols celebrated at 6.00 PM in St. Michael's church which was very nicely decorated for the occasion. Mr. Sleilati with his group of talented musicians played nice music on recorders, clarinets, and piano. Our teachers read the lessons, and the carols were very fervently sung by everyone. All teachers and members of staff, with their families, were invited to a special Christmas dinner which was held in the families (boarding homes). Every family hosted a group of employees with their children, and all enjoyed a wonderful fellowship in the true Christmas spirit. Later on in the evening, all our children received their presents and sweets, and the excitement was quite high. That moment was the climax of the celebration for the children. Some students and teachers took over the role of Santa Clause and went around the families spreading joy and cheerfulness. We express our sincere gratitude to all our partners and friends who enable us to continue with this wonderful ministry to needy children, and we wish you all, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
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